PPSAdvisory Services – You name it, we
do it.

Considered the ‘go-to’ experts, PPSAdvisory has a service to meet every PPS related need. A one-stop shop for all things PPSA.

Honestly, if it’s got anything to do with the PPSA, involve us.  We provide as many services as there are issues with the PPSA, offering practical, no nonsense advice on how to deal with the law.

We know we can provide the solution to any PPS related issue, but you don’t,  so to help you we offer some free Introductory Services.

Introductory Services

We’re looking for a long-term relationship with our clients and are prepared to put the effort in to ensure your first experience is a good one.
We know the ‘first step’ can be daunting so we’ve removed the usual financial considerations by offering true, value for money Introductory Services, enabling you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the PPSA and whether to proceed with PPSAdvisory.
Just contact us for more details. If it involves the PPSA, involve us.

New to the PPSA?

– let us perform our Impact Assessment ($170).  We’ll review your business operations and terms of trade and tell you how the PPSA impacts your business.  We’ll explain how the PPSA works and why it’s important to you.  We’ll also provide a cost/benefit analysis of compliance.  You can then make an informed decision on whether you wish to comply. Click here

Already complying with the PPSA?

– let us perform our Desktop Assurance Review ($170).  We’ll review your terms of trade and perform a high level review of your existing PPS registrations and your registration policy, identifying any errors or departures from ‘best practice’.  If you’re going to the trouble of complying with the PPSA you might as well make sure you’re doing so correctly. Click here

First meetings

– we won’t charge for initial meetings and we come to you.  We want to understand you and your business and there’s no better way than to meet face to face (where location allows).  We will spend the necessary time and effort to get you to an informed decision point.  It’s fine if you choose to walk away (you might refer us to friends/associates) but if you choose to proceed you’ll be engaging with one of the following services. Click here

Advisory Services

If it’s got anything at all to do with the PPSA we’ve a service to help you.
Whether you need 1 PPS registration performed or 1,000’s we’ve got you covered.
We’ve advised hundreds of businesses on every aspect of the PPSA and can do the same for you.

Our most popular service is our PPSAdvisory Membership, an outsourcing service where we manage all your PPSA requirements.

If you’re buying or selling a business or refinancing you’ll need our transaction due diligence service.


Outsourcing – PPSAdvisory Membership

Outsource your PPS hassles to us, our #1 service. We’ll perform all your registration requirements, maintain your registration data and ensure your continued compliance with the Act.  We’re on hand to deal with the inevitable PPSA issues you’ll encounter, and we’ll keep you up to date with this ever-changing law and its interpretation by the courts.  We even perform a free annual review of your registrations to ensure your ongoing compliance. Just click here


Consulting Services

We’ll identify how and where the PPSA impacts your business, design an appropriate bespoke policy response and explain how to achieve and maintain your ongoing compliance, including hands-on training of your staff.  We’ll provide you with everything you need to manage your own PPS requirements. Just click here


Detailed Assurance Reviews

Think you’re complying with the PPSA? Are you really sure? We’ll review your business operations to determine where the PPSA applies and your current registrations to ensure they are correct. We’ll assess your PPS policies and procedures to ensure they are ‘best practice’.  We’ll offer corrective solutions to any registration/policy issues and often oversee their implementation. Our Detailed reviews often follow the free high level Desktop Assurance Review. Just click here


PPS Registration Services

From the registration of one security interest to the bulk load of 1,000’s. With over 200,000 registrations under our belt already, we know what we’re doing. We’ll establish you on the PPS Register, perform the necessary registrations and provide you with all your registration data. Just click here


Transactional Support – PPS due diligence

Having provided PPS due diligence in over $400 million of M&A transactions we’ve got some idea of the impact the PPSA can have on transaction completion. Whether you’re buying or selling a business or involved in refinancing, get us on board, the earlier the better! Just click here