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We offer the following two Introductory Services

Impact Assessment service

Our Impact Assessment service will allow you to make an informed decision on whether improved security makes sense for your business. For just $220 our Impact Assessment includes:

  • A review of your trading terms and any existing security provisions
  • An analysis of the costs of compliance, and
  • An analysis of its many benefits.

Assurance Review

Our Assurance Review is a great ‘health-check’ to make sure you really are complying with the law. For just $220 our Assurance Review report includes:

  • A high-level review of all your existing PPS registrations
  • A review of your PPS policy, and
  • Identification of any registration errors.

If you’re going to the trouble of performing PPS registrations it makes sense to ensure you’re doing so correctly. After all, it’s too late if your security is rejected because of a simple registration error.


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Be prepared for an uncertain economy

We’ve seen it many times before – when the economy nosedives, many businesses follow. Protect your business from the insolvency of others.

Long-term security

Trying to recover your debt and/or equipment after your client becomes insolvent is too late. Tighten your security to protect future payments and/or hired equipment.

Complicated paperwork done for you

Don't stumble at the final hurdle. We handle all the crucial paperwork to ensure you are correctly registered and your assets protected.

PPSAdvisory advises against several proposed revisions to the PPSA legislation due to potential increased costs, complexity, and uncertainty for businesses.


On Friday 17 November 2023, PPSAdvisory submitted a detailed response to the proposed amendments in the Personal Property Securities (PPS) framework. They challenge a number of the 345 proposed amendments made in the government’s response to the 2014 Whittaker report.


After almost 12 years of implementing the register, PPSAdvisory is concerned that these revisions will burden businesses with additional costs, complexity, and uncertainty instead of providing tangible benefits.


Users of the PPSA have adjusted their policies and registration practices to comply with the current legislation. Implementing such significant changes as proposed would require a complete overhaul of policies and practices. Additionally, these proposed amendments would render the policies and practices of many Australian businesses and financiers, particularly those involved in equipment hire, unworkable.


As result, the availability of finance for mining, construction, and heavy earthmoving equipment would be directly impacted. If financiers are unable to register their security interest in specific items of equipment (as only equipment with a Vehicle Identification Number can be registered by serial number), obtaining finance for such equipment will

become even more challenging.


We now await the response from Government to the submissions which have been made.


Feel free to reach out to us via the ‘contact us’ page on the website if you’d like any further information.