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With our combined backgrounds in insolvency and the PPSA we’re in the perfect position to help you protect your property from the insolvency of your customers.

PPSAdvisory, helping protect you and your property from the
insolvency of your customer.

  • What more can we say, we really love the PPSA.  It’s all we do, every day of every week since before the PPSA even commenced.

  • And whilst you might not want to sit next to us at a dinner party (because we’re boring), if you want to really understand the practical application of the PPSA you need us.

  • Widely regarded as one of the leading experts on the PPSA, our services are called upon by hundreds of businesses big and small, from Australia’s largest organisations to small family owned affairs.  You’re never too large nor too small to take advantage of our many years of experience.

  • We help you protect your property from the insolvency of your customers.

  • Who better to have on your side than a team with more than 35 years of insolvency experience, coupled with years of practical, hands-on knowledge of the PPSA?

  • Helping protect you from the people we once were.

  • So, if you’re seeking practical, experienced, no-nonsense advice on how to apply and comply with the PPSA you need look no further.  We’re here to help, it’s what we do.

New to the PPSA?

Let us perform our Impact Assessment ($170). We’ll review your business operations and terms of trade and tell you how the PPSA applies to your business. We’ll explain how the PPSA works and why it’s important to you. We’ll also provide a cost/benefit analysis of compliance. You can then make an informed decision on whether you wish to comply. Just click here

Already complying with the PPSA?

Take advantage of our Desktop Assurance Review ($170). We’ll review your existing PPS registrations, policy and practices to ensure you’re complying with the Act. if you’re going to the trouble of performing your PPS registrations you might as well make sure you’re doing so correctly. Just click here

The Team

Simon Read
0408 542 100

As a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience in insolvency and now more than 8 years specialising in the PPSA, I’m in the perfect position to help protect your property from the insolvency of your customer.

I love the PPSA, I love what I do and the mental stimulation of doing it. I love helping people get to grips with this often-confusing piece of legislation.

I’ve hands-on experience in many industries including retail, manufacturing, equipment sales and hires, construction, mining, forestry and agriculture.

I’m a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, acting on several boards (including large Government agencies) and chairing Risk and Audit Committees.

If it involves the PPSA, involve me.

Lisa Keen
0411 262 275

Also a Chartered Accountant I’ve worked in the insolvency profession for 5 years. Not really a very long time, but long enough for me to realise it was far too depressing for me.

Whilst I’m not the expert Simon is, I do enjoy (not quite love) the PPSA. I enjoy helping businesses come to terms with the law, arming them with the knowledge to protect their business and property.

If it involves the PPSA, involve me.

Support teams

Simon and Lisa are blessed with great support teams in both Australia and the Philippines. The ‘engine room’ of the business is managed by Ainslie Western in Australia and Aileen Matias in the Philippines. From on-boarding our new PPSAdvisory Members to managing more than 800 registry transactions a week, our teams enable Simon and Lisa to provide the ‘front line’ advice.



Simon founded EDX(WA) as part of the National Group, EDX Australia,
Australia’s only PPS exclusive advisory firm. We serviced the ‘wild west’ of the
country – WA, SA and the NT.

The PPS went ‘live’ with the PPS Register commencing in January 2012.

We open the Philippine office to provide much needed support for our busy
local team.