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Does the PPSA apply to my business?

The only question you’re interested in is whether the PPSA applies to you.

Some businesses just have to comply if they wish to safeguard their assets, others will choose to comply for the many benefits the PPSA provides.

The PPSA helps protect your assets from the insolvency of your customer. If you’ve ever experienced an insolvent customer you know how little, if anything, you get back. The PPSA was introduced to help you recover your assets and goods.

The following questions address the principle areas of application for the PPSA and are only a guide. The law has wide impact on many types of business and the list of questions is not exhaustive. If you don’t answer “Yes” to any of the questions don’t assume the PPSA won’t apply, instead have a chat to us. Just click here

New to the PPSA? – Let us perform our value for money, Impact Assessment ($170).  We’ll review your business operations and terms of trade and tell you how the PPSA applies to your business.  We’ll explain how the PPSA works and why it’s important to you.  We’ll also provide a cost/benefit analysis of compliance.  You can then make an informed decision on whether you wish to comply.  Just click here

Already complying with the PPSA? – Let us perform our value for money, Desktop Assurance Review ($170).  We’ll review your terms of trade and perform a high level review of your existing PPS registrations and your registration policy, identifying any errors or departures from ‘best practice’.  If you’re going to the trouble of complying with the PPSA it makes sense to ensure you’re doing so correctly. Just click here